Circle Around Kids & Support Families.

In the midst of the pains of millions of orphaned children around the world, there must be an answer.  A portion of these orphans are in the foster care or government systems, but a countless number also exist outside of those systems. All fatherless, and all in need of a healthy and stable community to circle around them.  True justice is when fatherless children are welcomed into loving families.

Our Team is passionate about equipping people locally to wrap-around these families for the long haul.  As a community, it is not enough to merely emotionally or spiritually care about a family, we must become a people of action.  Circling around a family is more than just lip service – it’s bringing a cup of cool water in the midst of .

We believe it is in God’s heart that every child has both loving and nurturing relationships that are actively involved in their day-to-day lives.  Equally so, it is important to help local communities see what it practically looks like to surround a family.  For one family, this “cup of cool water” is expressed in respite care, some will need plumbers and electricians, and others will need prayer and family support.

We at OJC are committed to serving locally and equipping others globally. 

* Will you partner with us to make that happen?